7th Barnes Brownies

The pack was first registered in 6 August 1947.  The pack is one of two packs in Barnes, in Guiding terms, Barnes District is part of Richmond Division, Richmond Division is part of the County, Greater London West.  On occasions both packs join-in activities at Division and County level 

About us
At the present time apart from the Brownie Leader we have have 2 Unit Helpers and a Young Leader.

The Pack and the Sixes
Our pack has up to between 24/30 girls who are in groups called sixes.
Each six has a leader (sixer) and an assistant (second). The sixes are:

  • Badgers, Rabbits, Hedgehogs and Squirrels

Every new girl who starts Brownies will have a period of usually about 4 weeks to prepare to make her Promise and become a Brownie.

During this time, your daughter will have a Brownie Buddy (an older Brownie)

She will be given a booklet ‘Becoming a Brownie’ – which will tell her the Brownie story, the Brownie Promise and Law and everything about the activities that Brownies do. She will work through this book at the Brownie meeting with one of the leaders or her Brownie Buddy and can also complete some of the exercises at home.

There is no rush to buy uniform, however we understand that some girls are so excited that they want the uniform from the start! They will need their uniform when they have their Promise Ceremony. Brown Owl will advise you of the date and time.

If your daughter has been a Rainbow she can continue to wear this uniform until she is ready to make her Brownie Promise. Otherwise, we suggest that girls wear comfortable clothes and sensible footwear – as we do a lot of craft activities and play lots of games!

Please do not wear ‘Heelies’ or open toed footwear to meetings or any outings.
When you are ready to buy uniform, it can be purchased vis the Brownie Leader or you can purchase online: www.girlguiding.org.uk

You do not need to buy a Brownie Box or any books or badges for your daughter as these will be presented at the Promise Ceremony. You are charged a joining fee of £22.00 which covers the cost of all these items.

Supporting the Pack
Subs for Brownies are payable at the start of the each term, at present £22.00
The annual membership fee is £40.00 and payable to GGA will be required January/February.

Prompt payment would be appreciated as we need to buy equipment for the meetings, badges ect.

Gift Aid
We are able to claim money back from the Inland Revenue, equivalent to basic rate tax.

Please complete the declaration form and return for us to claim this back from the subs that you pay each term.

As an example, we are usually able to claim about £500 back every year if all parents return the form.

Programme of activities
Every term, we prepare a timetable to show the activities that we will be doing during the term. We will include on this leaflet details of any items that your daughter may need to bring to a particular meeting or changes to meeting place and time if we are going out on a trip.

We will also include dates of any weekend trips that have been booked on this timetable. You will receive a separate letter for any outing, as we must have a signed permission form from a parent/ guardian along with payment to allow your daughter to take part. This must be returned in advance of the event.

We appreciate offers of help from parents and grandparents at any time! 

  • Helping with activities that need more adult supervision such as art and craft evenings.
  • When we go on walks or outings so we have the correct adult: child ratio.
  • Helping at, or coming along to, fundraising events

If you feel you would like to become more involved, then please speak to one of the leaders as there are many ways in which you can support us.

Waiting lists
There is a waiting list for our Brownies and we encourage parents to put their daughter’s name down as early as possible. We do our best to offer girls a place as close to their 7th birthday as possible.

When girls join Brownies, we also encourage parents to put their daughters' name down on the Guide waiting list.

Leaving Brownies
Should your daughter decide that she no longer wishes to come to Brownies, for whatever reason, please tell Brown Owl so that we can offer another girl a place.

Non attendance
If your daughter does not attend Brownies for 4 consecutive weeks and we have not been notified, then she will be considered to have left and her place will be offered to another girl.