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Our Christmas Fayre will be held on 21 November at the Guide Hall
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Our Year so far has been a busy one for all the Units. Apart from Unit activities the Brownies from both units and Guides had the opportunity to attend the Division Thinking Day Activity Day where they were able to try a selection of International activities celebrating world-wideGuiding. Other activities during the Spring term included Pancakes, Valentine Baking, Edible Faberge egg and of course an Easter Hunt.  The Summer term saw brownies enjoying 'Brownies Go Wild' when activities included, Painting Mud pictures with your feet, handling exotic reptiles and milking a cow albeit a fake one.  'Brownie Revels' for the Division was held a little later in the term, this event had a Alice in Wonderland theme and was attended by Brownies, Guides and Rainbows.  Activities at this event included, making a Mad Hatter Hat, Tye Dying, Decorating your own Mug and a version of 'Down the Rabbit Hole', Guides had the added fun of cooking using Pig Irons over a wood fire.  During the Summer term brownies enjoyed working for their Artist Badge, a Wide Game which entailed each Six of brownies looking after an egg of a rare bird and sourcing habitat, food and water for the bird once hatched.  Kickball, Smores over a Campfire, Picnic  and a Wide Awake Trial around Barnes were some of the fun meetings the brownies from both units were able to enjoy. 

For Guides the Spring term highlight was attending the Wall climbing centre at Chelsea, and enroling a guide half way up the abseiling wall, another guide on the Tube station platform and a final one actually on the tube in front of some very amused passengers.

During the summer term, guides enjoyed Zorbering for the first time, they also spent an evening at Wimbledon Park boating and gaining their Water Safety Badge, Guides also completed the California 2015 badge which involves challenges from 5 states in the USA.  Several evenings were spent cooking supper over a wood fires at Barn Elms.

It was a busy term for First Barnes Rainbows. We are full (10 girls) and each week we meet at the Guide Hut in Washington Road. Over the course of the term we undertook a wide range of challenges: we made wonderful collages of two rainbows (girls), made rainbow cupcakes, rainbow bracelets, did bubble painting and went to the park to blow bubbles. We also went to the park to see how many things we could put in a smarties box and have a sports evening. We painted with our feet and had a party watching Alice in Wonderland.
We also went on two trips to Heyswood, joining other rainbows at Rainbows Go Global and then with Brownies and Guides from our district for a day of Alice in Wonderland inspired activities. Both days were great fun and earned the girls more badges for their uniforms.
Two of our number  moved up to Brownies at the end of term and while we are sad to see them go we will no doubt see them again at joint activities and are looking forward to welcoming two new girls in September. This Autumn term we are working on all things fairies for the Fairy Challenge badge. The girls planned the activities they want to do at the end of last term and Snowflake and I spent to summer gathering the materials we need for a fun term of activities.

As a district we held our Jumble Sale, this is one of three important fund raisers for us,  as we are solely responsibility for the upkeep of our Guide hall.  Of course we participated in the BCA Summer Fair by taking part in the parade, running our own stall selling refreshments and breakfast, a long day from 5.30am to 6.00pm! and of course our member's families supported the Book stall. 

Next term Brownies have Pack Holiday to look forward to in November and Guides have the opportunity to Camp in September.