1st Barnes Rainbows

1st Barnes RainbowsWe held our first meeting on 19 January 2015 at the Guide Hall in Washington Road, 4:30-5:30

We have 2 adults running the unit, Kanga (Sue Machin) and Snowflake(Trudy Foxon). 

To enable us to offer a varied and interesting programme throughout the year, we run  a regular parent rota, approx one parent or family adult at each meeting depending on the activity.

Every new girl who starts Rainbows will have a period of usually about 8 weeks to learn how to be a Rainbow. 

She will be given a booklet ‘Ready for Rainbows’ – which will tell her the Rainbow story, the Rainbow Promise and everything about the activities that Rainbows do. She will work through this book at the Rainbow meeting with one of the leaders and can also complete some of the activities at home.

There is no hurry to buy the uniform, however we understand that some girls are so excited that they want the uniform from the start! They will need their uniform when they have their Promise Ceremony. Kanga will advise you of the date and time. Uniform can be ordered through Kanga.

We ask that girls wear comfortable clothes and sensible footwear – as we do a lot of craft activities and play lots of games! If we are doing something very messy the girls will be asked to bring an old shirt of Mum or Dad’s to wear to protect their uniform.

Please do not wear ‘Heelies’ or open toed footwear to meetings or any outings.

You do not need to buy a Rainbow bag or any books or badges for your daughter. You are charged a joining fee of £10.00 which covers the cost of all these items. Some items will be given after a couple of weeks and others at the Promise ceremony.

Supporting the Pack
Subs for Rainbows are payable at the start of the each term.